4 Reasons why CHOPT App is Here to Stay

This is me –

When I come across an interesting brand or a brand that I like has an app, I download it.

When my friends tell me about an app they think is awesome, I download it.

And when I just happen to stumble upon interesting apps while using my phone,

guess what,

I download them!


We are the same, you and I. How do I know? Business Insider’s data shows that people download mobile apps on average 8.8 apps per month and of course, with that amount, it’s impossible to keep every single one of them in the end. Google revealed that 25% of installed apps are never used and 26% of installed apps are abandoned after they are first used. Boy oh boy, not only is it hard for businesses to create an app, make it stand out and get people to download it but it’s actually even harder to get them to keep using it!


Every business today most likely has its own app due to this huge mobile apps trend. Some apps have a great impact and change the way we live our lives, some make our modern lifestyles a whole lot easier, and some, unfortunately, are simply not worth the space they occupy on our devices. Nowadays apps are a dime a dozen and consumers decide their fate with the click of a button.


CHOPT app however is being discarded no time soon. For those who are not familiar with the brand, CHOPT is a delicious, farm-fresh chopped salad with 6 types of greens and over 60 toppings customers can choose from. It is healthy, it is fast, and it is fresh. We don’t have this type of healthy fast casual restaurant back in Thailand yet and because of its creative and delicious salad, CHOPT has quickly become one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch since moving to New York.


OK, Back to CHOPT app. Why did I say it was worth the space on your phone and doesn’t deserve the click of death?  Here are 4 main reasons:


1. Clear, Simple yet Functional

Simplicity is the key. The design of CHOPT app is not only beautiful and visualized, but it is very functional. It literally took me no more than 10 seconds to figure out how to use it, seriously! As I mentioned on my A Scholarly Approach to Fascinate blog, the human attention span is now a second less than a gold fish. The aesthetic photos and all the practical interesting functions on the CHOPT app will definitely captivate you and keep your attention I’m sure.


2. Makes your experience with CHOPT even faster and easier

The most important thing all businesses should take into account when developing an app is that the app should offer a unique value or add convenience to customers’ lives. On this front, I must say CHOPT is doing quite an amazing job. With CHOPT app, customers can find the nearest CHOPT, place an order or even request a delivery, pay with it, collect points, receive news and lots more. Even send a digital gift card! Like it isn’t fast enough to get food from a fast casual restaurant, CHOPT has raised its standard and has now succeeded in becoming an even faster casual restaurant through the use of its app. WELL DONE!


3. Takes you on a CHOPT journey

Here is my favorite part of the app. CHOPT app also includes ‘CHOPT Travels’ (#ChoptTravels) which links to its Tumblr. It’s a blog that is nothing to do with CHOPT. Instead, it takes you on journeys around the globe, exploring the world’s most craved-after ingredients, best local farmer’s markets and craftiest neighborhood specialists. Then CHOPT elevates those experiences and crafts its special ‘Destination Salad’ for each designated period. I must say it is very inspirational and creates this engaging feeling towards the brand and of course, the bowl of salad. This month is personally my favorite so far as the destination is…THAILAND! Spicy Green Papaya Salad, I absolutely cannot wait to go and try you out.


4. Get you keep coming back for more

Every time you spend $100, you earn $10 which most likely equals one free salad. CHOPT creates this cute graphic of Mezzaluna (Met-Suh-Loo-Nuh) which is a half-moon shaped chopping blade it uses in store when chopping the salad for you. Once the whole Mezzaluna graphic is colored, you’ll know it’s time to go grab your free salad! I love it when there is this kind of function on an app as it’s a great loyalty function that will keep the customer coming back for more. Works on me!


In general, the app is very useful and undeniably provides a lot of value to its customers while at the same time, adds value to the brand itself. My only constructive comment for CHOPT app is that I find it a little bit challenging to find a way back to its landing page after having too much pleasure exploring other cool functions of the app. While it is not overly innovative nor doesn’t utilize gaming to get attention from customers like some other apps, its overall performance is attractive and makes my experience with CHOPT easier enough to find it pleasant. CHOPT deserves a big round of applause for ensuring all its online platforms are integrated and enhance the omnichannel experience for its customer.

As a CHOPT Salad fan, I am HAPPY 🙂

When a girl falls in love with Five Guys

Raise your hand if you love eating burgers. Yep, that’s what I thought!

Don’t be shy! Me too! Eating a fat juicy burger with fries on the side and a Coke is one of my guilty-pleasures. It’s actually mine and my mom’s ritual for every Sunday evening, taking a load off and eating a burger together. This started when I didn’t want to go to my ballet classes when I was 4 so my mom promised me that she would take me to a fast- burger place nearby the dance studio after the class. It’s been going on ever since although I stopped dancing ballet when I was just 10 years old.

There is a study from Mintel showing that burgers are not only my own personal favorite but they also remain to be the Americans’ most favorite indulgence too. Did you know that ‘62% of consumers identify themselves as burger lovers while 37% say they like burgers and 79% of Millennials are saying they consider burgers one of their favorite foods.’ ?  The burger market is HUGE and when thinking of fast casual burger restaurants here, I am sure that ‘Five Guys’ is one of the first that comes to mind.


Five Guys started in Washington DC in 1986 when Jerry Murrell and his family opened a burger joint with the goal of cooking hamburgers and fries using only the best quality ingredients. It uses only fresh ground beef, peanut oil and there are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. I was completely blown away when I learned that there are more than 250,000 possible ways to order a burger because they care about their customer’s allergies! Today, 30 years after, Five Guys has expanded to 1,215 locations alone in the US and a few hundred spanning Canada, UK, Europe and Middle East with total US sales of $1.32 billion dollars in 2016.


How does Five Guys keep its family-owned personality while expanding nonstop? The answer is, it connects directly with customers. Knowing Millennials, especially men, are the burger lovers, it is doing a wonderful job maintaining character which it best illustrates through its voice as being exciting, authentic, remaining fresh in the minds of its audience and making sure it’s consistent throughout all its integrated media platforms, especially digital.


The bright red color of Five Guys makes it impossible for you to take your eyes off its desktop-tablet-mobile friendly website. It is easy to search for, beautifully designed, very visualized, clear, simple yet functional. I myself especially love the part where it includes the Five Guys story on its site which gives me the feeling that when I eat a burger there, it’s not at just any fast casual restaurant but particularly at Five Guys; a warm family place that serves you a fresh home cooked, made from the heart burger. Content is surely key! Moreover, through the website, customers can check the locations, see menus, place orders and give feedback.

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Five Guys’ audience is definitely not passive. They are the ‘partners’ and a part of Five Guys’ journey.  Its website also engages and reengages customers with the brand by encouraging them to submit their photos to Five Guys. Then, it will select one loyal fan every Friday to be featured across its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ as the #FiveGuysFanatic. Oh…By the way, did I mention it has 1M followers from those social media platforms? It’s pretty amazing there. Five guys makes full use of social media in terms of customer service and, guaranteed by Hootsuite, it is focusing on engagement metrics and tailoring content based on what works for each social network. Moreover, it also encourages Five Guys’ employees to get involved in the company’s social media, creating fun, local and sincere content. I look forward to seeing Five Guys have a bigger presence on Pinterest as it’s a great platform to post all the aesthetic food photos and recipes!


To create even better experiences for its customers, Five Guys also developed a mobile app which I find very useful location wise, and of course, for making orders.  However, I think there is still room for some improvement on this and it could be made even more awesome by adding location-based deals, click to call function, loyalty and referral programs including coupon redemptions.


‘Customer centric’ is surely one of Five Guys’ ways of managing. From the initial ordering to after the burger has been eaten, it most definitely aims to create the best user experience and this makes the company shine. By staying true to its value and culture, I am sure Five Guys will continue doing great in the market and continue to constantly fascinate us in a meaningful way for a long time to come…


For now, back to my burger.

Stay HAPPY guys! 🙂

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A Scholarly Approach to Fascinate

What kind of person do you think you are?

‘Tell me about yourself’

‘We want to know who you are.’

These are the questions I’ve been asked most over the past 4 years both recently and while working as an actress back in Thailand. Not as easy as they may look to answer, I have often been faced with a conundrum. Who am I?  How am I being perceived by others?


In the entertainment business, I myself was regarded as a product under my own name as a brand. Simultaneously with developing a product for the entertainment market, creating a brand is equally important since it is the only thing accounting for a consumer’s decision to choose one product over another. It’s imperative I really know myself in order to best present myself and strategize how to go about ensuring others recognize me in the light I want them to.

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Taking the Fascination Advantage Assessment by Sally Hogshead is a great way to discover how the world sees us. I was truly amazed and blown away by how 28 simple and easy to answer questions on a personal test could give me such accurate answers about myself and how the others perceived me as a person. Some portray the personality I’m already aware of, some personify what I have never been able to put into words before or have been hesitant to say out loud or admit to myself, and some, well frankly, I have been totally oblivious to!


Now you must be just the slightest bit curious what my results were…


Say hello to Thunyasupan (ME!) whom the world sees her as The Scholar; intellectual, disciplined, systematic, relentless and the standard-bearer. My fascination advantages are prestige (increasing respect) and alertness (creating a sense of urgency) while my dormant advantage is mystique (arousing curiosity)!


OK, I know that sounds pretty tense but I swear I’m anything but.  I’m a cool scholar. Yes, I do set the bar quite high for myself and do expect the highest quality at all times with action to be taken promptly but on the bright side, that also makes me a highly motivated person with a constant drive to improve. I always set my goals and will stop at nothing to achieve them. Where the dictionary says tenacious my name should be next to it. Yet, on the other side of the coin, I tend to be risk-averse and tend to avoid any precarious new ventures.


It’s good to get to know yourself as your specialty is what makes you different from everyone else in your team or field. I also find it even more useful to analyze further and learn how the world sees you as they are your audience. This will help you present yourself, improve your self-articulation and generally assist you to communicate better. It allows you to know exactly where you stand, acknowledge your strengths and moreover, your limitations. With the consciousness of those limitations, you will be able to add value to yourself and become the best version of you.


I’ve long had an inkling that I can sometimes make people feel uneasy being around me as I can be very disciplined and systematic. However, because I am now fully aware of that, I can try to be more fun and relaxed, telling myself it’s okay not to try and be perfect all the time. I will hopefully find even more balance in life and eventually, be even happier.


As we are all living in a world of too little time and too much information, human attention spans have become much much more compressed. The Microsoft Study claimed that the human attention span went from 12 seconds on average in 2000 to just 8.25 seconds in 2015.’ That means we all have 8.25 seconds to captivate others and get them to decide whether we are worth their further attention or not. The competition is higher than ever! We have to communicate and interact with other people effectively.


Communication is a 2-sided action and once you know how the world sees you, you can focus on what others value in you and use that to stand out and be remembered. I do not only find these facts useful in the field of marketing as it is crucial for marketers to captivate customer’s attention through various media platforms and content. This can also be applied to every single action in everyday life and typical routines; every time you write an email, leave a message or talk to someone. It all counts!

“You might have a genius idea, one that could alter mankind. But if nobody is fascinated by your idea, it will die”


I encourage you to take some time and get to know more about yourself or take the Fascination Advantage Assessment! To me, this is greater than marketing as it is also a key life skill utilized by those in the know and neglected by those yet to realize the value it holds.  The way I see it knowing yourself and knowing how the world sees you will change the way you choose to live your life as you will be more aware and find balance more easily, increasing your own contentment and also the potential value others see in you. I’m confident and optimistic that you can live a better life by going down this road. You are your own personal brand. Go out there, present yourself, have fun, leverage it. Fascinate yourself and fascinate the world with the best in you.

And of course, stay HAPPY 🙂

Leading CHOBANI Way

Going back 3 years when I was working in Thailand, I was perusing Facebook one day when something caught my eye, a news clip on my newsfeed shared by my friend. Enticed by the abundance of likes and comments it had already received I felt obliged to click on it. It was about this awesome owner / CEO named Hamdi Ulukaya, hiring refugees in order to give them a chance to live better lives and announcing to his employees that he would be giving them 10% of the company’s shares. In that video, the company culture was very loving and caring and all the employees looked sincerely happy. That company is “CHOBANI”.


How cool!???!


It was so cool and the story was so touching to the point that I had to search “where to buy Chobani in Thailand?”, drove myself all the way downtown just to try the product although it’s far from a common brand there. I wanted to try a yogurt that is more than just a delicious made-from-fresh ingredients yogurt. I wanted to try the yogurt with this great and meaningful story and culture behind every spoonful one tastes. I was compelled and didn’t feel like I was being marketed to.


Chobani was founded in 2005 when Mr. Hamdi saw a fully equipped good old yogurt plant for sale. Without any business background, he put his heart and soul into the company and in just 9 years after Chobani started, it has become the #1 Greek yogurt brand in the U.S. and I believe it’s in part due to its great history in story. The story that goes deeper than just “what” it does, but also tells us “how” the company behaves and “why” it does those things.

“When it is authentic, when it is real, you don’t have to say much about it. People will know.”

– Mr. Hamdi Ulukaya

Of course, time moves on and I personally am now in New York, living in the place where Chobani can be found with ease and I can even enjoy the real Chobani experience at CHOBANI Café in SoHo. I am even more captivated by the brand consistency in living up to its story and core value of “How Matters”. Besides the Chobani Foundation that aims to empower sustainable changes in the communities and animal welfare program, Mr. Hamdi still strongly supports the diversity in his company. Just as recently as four days ago, CNN reported that Mr. Hamdi is taking a stand for every immigrant being affected by President Trump’s new policy and promises to ‘have their backs every day and every step of the way.’


From my side of the spoon, Chobani’s incredible rise was not based on trend or anything overly creative. Although I am looking forward to seeing more fun and engaging campaigns go viral in the future, Chobani captivated me with a story that goes deeper, sharper and touches us on an emotional level.


Empowered by social media today, Chobani also reached out towards its target consumers in a very fun, warm, and engaging way throughout social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and SnapChat. There is a study from Mintel shows that yogurt is often associated with women as 7 in 10 of them purchase the products in the category and purchasing among Millennials is the highest among all generation groups so I personally think it is doing a great job and being relatively active in all those digital platforms. Moreover, it still creates campaigns targeting men and their health as we can see from the Team USA #NoBadStuff campaign to expand its customer base and be a sponsor of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games.


Chobani cuts through all the noises by being meaningfully different. It has been and still is working towards positive change as it believes, a cup of yogurt won’t change the world, but how Chobani makes it might.’ Yes, Chobani is delicious. Chobani is healthy and good for you. But Chobani’s story leads us way beyond that. Chobani is also good for the community and our society as a whole.

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Keep warm, eat yogurt and stay HAPPY! 🙂

PS. While I was writing this at CHOBANI SoHo, I also got interviewed by a Swedish documentary film team about the story behind Chobani and Mr. Hamdi. Seems like I am not the only one who is being intrigued by the brand and the story behind it after all!!

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