4 Reasons why CHOPT App is Here to Stay

This is me –

When I come across an interesting brand or a brand that I like has an app, I download it.

When my friends tell me about an app they think is awesome, I download it.

And when I just happen to stumble upon interesting apps while using my phone,

guess what,

I download them!


We are the same, you and I. How do I know? Business Insider’s data shows that people download mobile apps on average 8.8 apps per month and of course, with that amount, it’s impossible to keep every single one of them in the end. Google revealed that 25% of installed apps are never used and 26% of installed apps are abandoned after they are first used. Boy oh boy, not only is it hard for businesses to create an app, make it stand out and get people to download it but it’s actually even harder to get them to keep using it!


Every business today most likely has its own app due to this huge mobile apps trend. Some apps have a great impact and change the way we live our lives, some make our modern lifestyles a whole lot easier, and some, unfortunately, are simply not worth the space they occupy on our devices. Nowadays apps are a dime a dozen and consumers decide their fate with the click of a button.


CHOPT app however is being discarded no time soon. For those who are not familiar with the brand, CHOPT is a delicious, farm-fresh chopped salad with 6 types of greens and over 60 toppings customers can choose from. It is healthy, it is fast, and it is fresh. We don’t have this type of healthy fast casual restaurant back in Thailand yet and because of its creative and delicious salad, CHOPT has quickly become one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch since moving to New York.


OK, Back to CHOPT app. Why did I say it was worth the space on your phone and doesn’t deserve the click of death?  Here are 4 main reasons:


1. Clear, Simple yet Functional

Simplicity is the key. The design of CHOPT app is not only beautiful and visualized, but it is very functional. It literally took me no more than 10 seconds to figure out how to use it, seriously! As I mentioned on my A Scholarly Approach to Fascinate blog, the human attention span is now a second less than a gold fish. The aesthetic photos and all the practical interesting functions on the CHOPT app will definitely captivate you and keep your attention I’m sure.


2. Makes your experience with CHOPT even faster and easier

The most important thing all businesses should take into account when developing an app is that the app should offer a unique value or add convenience to customers’ lives. On this front, I must say CHOPT is doing quite an amazing job. With CHOPT app, customers can find the nearest CHOPT, place an order or even request a delivery, pay with it, collect points, receive news and lots more. Even send a digital gift card! Like it isn’t fast enough to get food from a fast casual restaurant, CHOPT has raised its standard and has now succeeded in becoming an even faster casual restaurant through the use of its app. WELL DONE!


3. Takes you on a CHOPT journey

Here is my favorite part of the app. CHOPT app also includes ‘CHOPT Travels’ (#ChoptTravels) which links to its Tumblr. It’s a blog that is nothing to do with CHOPT. Instead, it takes you on journeys around the globe, exploring the world’s most craved-after ingredients, best local farmer’s markets and craftiest neighborhood specialists. Then CHOPT elevates those experiences and crafts its special ‘Destination Salad’ for each designated period. I must say it is very inspirational and creates this engaging feeling towards the brand and of course, the bowl of salad. This month is personally my favorite so far as the destination is…THAILAND! Spicy Green Papaya Salad, I absolutely cannot wait to go and try you out.


4. Get you keep coming back for more

Every time you spend $100, you earn $10 which most likely equals one free salad. CHOPT creates this cute graphic of Mezzaluna (Met-Suh-Loo-Nuh) which is a half-moon shaped chopping blade it uses in store when chopping the salad for you. Once the whole Mezzaluna graphic is colored, you’ll know it’s time to go grab your free salad! I love it when there is this kind of function on an app as it’s a great loyalty function that will keep the customer coming back for more. Works on me!


In general, the app is very useful and undeniably provides a lot of value to its customers while at the same time, adds value to the brand itself. My only constructive comment for CHOPT app is that I find it a little bit challenging to find a way back to its landing page after having too much pleasure exploring other cool functions of the app. While it is not overly innovative nor doesn’t utilize gaming to get attention from customers like some other apps, its overall performance is attractive and makes my experience with CHOPT easier enough to find it pleasant. CHOPT deserves a big round of applause for ensuring all its online platforms are integrated and enhance the omnichannel experience for its customer.

As a CHOPT Salad fan, I am HAPPY 🙂


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